Are you ready for Conversational Commerce 2.0?

Embracing consumers and understanding what they want is critical to product search success.

Traverz was designed to solve a simple problem: How to get closer to consumers during their product search journey.

Traverz brings engagement, interaction and understanding. The patented technology enables the search engine to better personalise, leading to a better experience for the consumer.

Talk to us and we can tell you why and how Traverz is shaking up the product search landscape.

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Traverz has designed and built a next-generation product discovery technology that benefits consumers, ecommerce sites and search platforms.

We focus on engaging the user by actively enabling them to contribute to the exploration process, through:

  • An expanded range of product attributes that users can engage with;
  • Point-and-click feedback-anywhere capability;
  • Preference-driven flexible search, providing full results explainability;
  • A virtual assistant that accompanies the search journey, bringing text & voice search control.


By engaging consumers, Traverz delivers highly valuable purchase intent information to the search engine – enabling better search personalisation.

Generating confidence and driving an increased likelihood to purchase

Traverz Testimonial

“Traverz made me feel at ease … it got me excited because every time I added a new preference I knew that even better results were going to show”

Conversational Commerce Gets Real.
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