Traverz Conversational Recommendation

Innovative UX + Clever AI

A paradigm change
in search

Traverz Conversational Recommendation Technology (patent pending) is a paradigm change in product search, that cleverly combines elements of Interactive Filtering, Recommender Systems, and Conversational Commerce.

Traverz recognizes that user prefences are fuzzy and developed iteratively through exposure. It lets users tell you what they really want – beyond on-off filters. And it opens an agent-based dialogue channel using natural language and voice.

Traditionally the product search journey has been served by filters and search bars, turning user input into a product list that is a subset of the available products (“Interactive Filtering”).

Originally developed in response to the observation that filter and search-bar input can drive an SQL statement on a product database, this technology-driven User Experience is now over 20 years old.

More recently, Recommender Systems were added to order the user’s product list. This black-box technique uses data collected about ‘similar’ users to infer the likely product preferences of the current user.

The user themself is unable to directly influence the results. This approach to personalisation often suffers from very poor signal-to-noise ratio, and is sometimes described as “throwing produts at the user until something sticks”.

With the advent of voice recognition, Conversational Commerce has emerged as a voice-driven shopping technology.

Whilst voice is a powerful communication mechanism, the mostly prescriptive product search process steps and absence of visual cues take it very far away from the traditional Interactive Filtering approach.

Traverz: A superior
search foundation

Traverz Conversational Recommendation combines and extends these online product search mechanism to deliver to deliver a
best-in-class experience.

At its core, the Traverz technology is based on Conversational Recommendation – the concept that we recommend products based on the preferences of the individual consumer understood through multiple interactions, with a conversational style.

Uniquely, Traverz has built this technology on top of the existing
user-driven web-ui and utilised modern AI to drive the interaction with the user.

The benefits are substantial: Higher top-of-funnel conversion, a natural upsell process, more confident consumers, and substantially greater loyality. Product data issues are no longer a problem, and far greater insight is gained into consumer needs.