How Traverz engages users

Product Ranking

The Traverz search engine sorts the user’s product list using their expressed preferences, rather than cutting it back using hard filters. This allows users to have multiple preferences that are potentially incompatible or unable to all be met – simply by ranking products rather than filtering. No more frustrating zero-results!

Feedback Everywhere

Users can click on key terms anywhere throughout the product text, and set prefences directly from there. This encourages users to express their needs and wants, and leads to a natural upsell flow.

Preferences can be a Like, as well as a Dislike. Naturally!

Human-like Assistance

The Traverz virtual agent provides a two-way communication channel based on natural language (text or voice). The agent enables the user to indicate preferences, and allows the platform to prompt the user with insight and relevant questions. The Traverz virtual agent is fully integrated into the Web-UI search journey, i.e. it knows the user’s current product preferences.

Any Product Attribute

Traverz vastly expands the number of ‘active’ product features. The Traverz preference approach and UX components enable the user to interact with a huge range of interactive key-words/phrases. This enables user-specific recommendations and brings a wealth of insight into their commercial intent.

Product Data Personalization

Traverz personalises the search journey through unique product views based on the user’s preferences. Smart intelligence determines relevant product features to show to the user that either confirm relevance or encourage further exploring.