New Technology
That’s Patently Better

Changing product discovery requires cutting edge technology.
Technology so innovative, it’s being patented.

Next-generation solutions are only as good as the technology that underpins them. Here at Traverz we take pride in delivering technically innovative and superior technology that is easy to deploy, intuitive, scalable and robust. The Traverz team is on a mission to create and deliver technology that is changing the product search landscape.

Introducing the Traverz Connector

Traverz Graphic
Connecting Traverz to leading search platforms easily and seamlessly

We are justifiably proud of our Connector technology.

Says Ken, our CTO: “We have effectively zero response time delay when connected to a partner technology. Our team were able to conceive and implement the Connector in a matter of weeks.”

Engagement right out-the-box

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Smart technology that avoids a laborious cold start. That’s cool!

Why wait weeks, or even months to achieve outstanding results? “The operational setup needed to get the benefits from Traverz is a matter of a few hours” says our lead developer Stan.

Our headless engagement engine provides full front-end customisation capability. A styleable plug-in library option is also available. Out-the-box.

The future just arrived.

Making Conversational Commerce a reality. Today.

It’s time to interact with consumers and understand their explicit intent. When added to the implicit intent that search engines already utilise, a powerful new personalisation paradigm is created.

The Traverz team believes it’s time for change. Change for the better.

Traverz is changing product discovery for good. Are you ready to take advantage?