Next generation
search and discovery

Traverz has been designed and built to benefit existing search platforms, ecommerce sites and consumers.

Traverz derives consumer intent through multi-step consumer engagement at the feature and attribute level. Low-friction feedback and interaction mechanisms encourage consumers to engage in a natural way, enabling Traverz to deliver highly valuable explicit intent information to the search engine.

Traverz is intuitive, explainable and scalable. The way product search was meant to be.

Orchestrating a new search
and browse paradigm

Traverz Graphic
How all the parts work together
to drive better product discovery

The Traverz mechanisms are built as an augmentation layer using MACH technology. The conversational style interaction elements bring a stream of explicit intent into the search and ranking process. This is all designed to work the minute it is switched on with no need for lengthy training to become effective.

The result is really very simple and powerful. Traverz delivers superior personalisation through a much better, deeper, engaging, effective consumer experience. When consumers are engaged and have confidence, they are finding products they want, and they convert more. That’s what Traverz delivers.

Want more detail?

Win-win for all stakeholders

Benefits for Ecommerce
Sites and Retailers

  • Creating a deeper connection with consumers
  • Putting your consumers preferences and interests at the heart of search
  • Driving increased conversion and a natural propensity to increase basket size
  • Customise the search & browse UI through MACH Headless technology

Benefits for the End

  • Enjoyable, engaging product discovery process
  • Seamless, intuitive interface for better search outcomes
  • Ability to understand product suitability and make trade-offs
  • Greater confidence in searching and purchasing

Benefits for Search

  • Truly understanding customer intent - no-one else is doing this
  • Enables faster path to value from existing personalisation investments
  • Provides search platform customers a fast track to increased engagement and conversion
  • Complementary, MACH based technology

Creating deeper connections reduces churn

Traverz Testimonial

  Traverz made me feel at ease … it got me excited because every time I added a new preference I knew that even better results were going to show. 

Traverz is changing product discovery for good. Are you ready to take advantage?