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Software industry marketing veteran, David Newberry joins the Traverz Advisory Board

“The approach to product discovery that Traverz is taking is truly ground-breaking for consumers and platforms ali...
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The Age of Conversational Recommendation: Big players like Airbnb, Google, and Rightmove are taking steps to make search more iterative and less rigid for users

Among Airbnb’s “100+ innovations and upgrades” released last month was a number of extensions to its accommodation...
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Buyers expect more from the online home-searching experience

Online property search platforms are now the first place that most of us turn to when we are looking for a new home. Yet...
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In conversation with Prof. Barry Smyth

"It's been the first time in a long time that I've seen a startup put together those solutions in the right way - making...
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Study: Traverz drives stronger ecommerce and marketplace performance

A new user experience study by Biglight reveals that the Traverz Conversational Recommendation approach to product searc...
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Barry Smyth, esteemed professor and expert in Conversational Recommender Systems, joins the Traverz Advisory Board

“The technology that Traverz has developed is an important step towards commoditising conversational AI and allowi...
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Using conversational AI to help consumers make better choices

With a growing number of consumers gravitating towards online shopping, e-commerce businesses find themselves confrontin...
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Propelling e-commerce growth by adding the ‘Human Touch’

The rising trajectory and stellar performance of e-commerce on a global scale has been phenomenal, making it one of the ...
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How are the Tech Titans shaping up when it comes to product search?

Here at the Traverz office, we live and breathe product search technology. So we like to stay on top of what other com...
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Traverz wins 2nd place in 2020 >>venture>> Startup competition

We’re incredibly excited to have been awarded 2nd place position in this years’ >>venture>> competition,...
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