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Transforming product search

Consumer adoption of marketplaces and e-commerce is growing faster
than ever, but the way product search works has not evolved from the early days of internet shopping.

Do you ever wonder if there is a better approach to product search? A way that encourages brand loyalty, increases propensity to purchase, and gives you better insight into your customer?

Join us in exploring some key applications of Traverz product
search technology.

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Home Buying and Renting
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Hotel Bookings and Vacation Rentals
Car Buying and Renting
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Home Buying and Renting

Every buyer/renter has unique preferences and trade-offs they’re willing to make to find their perfect home. These preferences are evolving, and typical platform’s small list of strict on/off filters fail to support users through this naturally iterative and highly personal journey.

Traverz provides flexible search capabilities that keeps the home-searcher engaged, which in turn results in a wealth of highly valuable insight into their preferences.

Hotel Bookings and Vacation Rentals

Vacationers seek various experiences based on their trip purpose, stage of life and personal preferences. Some people desire simplicity and functionality, while others prefer the comforts of plush suites and spas.

Traverz’s interactive preference-driven technology prompt vacationers to indicate the type of experience they seek, allowing booking platforms to display properties that complement such unique experiences. Naturally, this also drives highly valuable data streams providing insight into the actual needs and wants of vacationers.

Car Buying and Renting

Car search platforms are typically consulted only once the consumer has a clear idea of their needs – which has been formed through other sources. Traverz provides top-of-funnel consumers with a flexible preference-based search mechanism, that avoids the see-saw been overwhelming choice and overly aggressive on-off filtering.

By expanding the number of ‘active’ product features, consumers discover new directions they had previously not even considered.

Financial Product Selection

For consumers, selecting financial products is an infrequent activity involving unfamiliar terms. Traverz provides an iterative search approach that enables consumers to explore, learn and progressively develop preferences.

Weighing up between product characteristics becomes a natural process when adding a desire (preference) does not hard-filter the product options down aggressively, but instead improves the recommendations.

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