Ecommerce Browse Abandonment. Solved.

With Multi-Channel Commerce featuring Browse Continuation, Traverz delivers a Conversational Commerce revolution: seamless journey recovery and platform switching. From online shop, to messenger channels, and back to online shop.

Imagine you are exploring products in an ecommerce store on your tablet over breakfast, and it is time to leave for work. During your train journey, the store pings you on WhatsApp – would you like to continue exploring here, using your earlier preferences? Yes please! Later in the day you arrive home and transfer your search to your laptop, make a final selection and complete the purchase. Is this the future?

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This is now. Conversational Commerce 2.0 has arrived. No longer is ecommerce a one-sided experience that requires consumers to lead – Traverz has turned it into a two-way conversation that naturally flows from device to device, channel to channel.

With just 10-15% of consumers globally adding products to the cart during their shopping journey, browse abandonment (where the consumer abandons the search journey) is a huge driver of lost sales opportunities. Cart abandonment is a recognised ecommerce problem that has been successfully tackled through email and messenger-based solutions. Yet browse abandonment is an equally large opportunity that largely remains unsolved.

Traverz puts consumer preferences at the centre of the ecommerce experience, and makes the product discovery journey iterative and interactive. These foundation stones enable a natural transition of the consumer journey from messenger channels (such as WhatsApp), to the online ecommerce shop, and back to messenger channel.

Traverz has now released a fully interactive Multi-Channel Commerce solution for ecommerce, featuring Browse Continuation (™). This provides retailers with unparalleled flexibility to engage with consumers across all channels and platforms.

Traverz Multi-Channel Commerce featuring Browse Continuation

When browse abandonment is detected, the consumer can be prompted via messenger channels to continue their journey, in a productive manner that remembers their preferences and enables them to continue shopping. At any time, the consumer can choose at will to switch from shop to channel, and vice versa – to suit their desired device and moment.

The Traverz Multi-channel Commerce journey is a productive and interactive experience – just like the Traverz online shop journey. Patent-pending technology overcomes the limitations of search personalisation by encouraging consumers to communicate their real intent. Now extended across all platforms and channels through the Multi-channel Commerce API.

Traverz is Changing Product Discovery. For Good.

Conversational Commerce Gets Real.
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