About Traverz

  • Our technology humanises the search process by getting people to traverse the world of information to the answer they were seeking.
  • Through mental decluttering and lowering information overload, we help consumers get to product purchase decisions more effortlessly.
  • Along the way, we interact and learn about their needs and wants - creating a win-win for users and platforms.

The Mission

Traverz was founded in 2018 to deliver on a mission to ‘humanise search’.

It was born out of the frustration experienced by consumers searching for online products using the ubiquitous, unsatisfying product ‘filter system’ that has remained largely unchanged for more than 20 years.

A Focus on Innovation

In response, we have developed Traverz, a paradigm-shifting agent-based search experience driven by strong innovation in AI / UX and delivered as a plug-in platform layer.

The Traverz experience is a fun, highly personalised, and productive product search experience that brings strong benefits to both users and platforms. In a nutshell: Traverz focuses on engaging with users about their needs and preferences - rather than simply presenting them with a filtering machine that they must drive themselves.

The Future

Long term, we will apply the same paradigm to other areas involving user-based search and discovery.

This will range from internet search through to knowledge base style applications as well as internal enterprise search.


Twan Vollebregt

CEO and founder

Ken Wäckerli


Advisory Board

Barry Smyth

Prof.University College Dublin

Sal Matteis

Investor & Entrepreneur

Martin Scherrer

Partner at Redstone

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