Changing Product Discovery.
For Good.

Traverz is on a mission to understand the explicit preferences of consumers
and put them at the centre of every online product search

Founded in 2018, Traverz was born out of the frustration of using the same technology-driven ecommerce product search and discovery system that has remained largely unchanged for 20 years. It was time for a new approach.

Motivated by a belief that search and discovery should be a co-operative effort between consumer and platform, Traverz focused on innovating around this problem from a whole new direction – a direction that makes the technology work like the consumer does, not the other way round.

For consumers, online product search and discovery is not about matching bits and bytes. Humans don’t think like search engines. We are fuzzy. We learn about what we like as we go. We are constantly trading preferences against each other.

Traverz is designed to humanise the search process by getting consumers to “traverz” the world of information. To get the answer they were seeking. Along the way, we enhance the platform’s understanding of consumer intent, enabling better personalisation and building trust.

Traverz was not founded to find subtle tweaks that give small conversion improvements. We are fundamentally changing the paradigm and defining the future of search.


Twan Vollebregt

Twan is a serial entrepreneur and executive leader whose experience is focused on innovation. He has led and exited 2 previous tech start-ups, whose products are still very much alive for the acquiring companies today.

Ken Wäckerli

Ken is a seasoned technologist with extensive experience in cutting edge technology start-ups. He has brought several technical projects from the first commit to enterprise-ready scalable systems.

Advisory Board

David Newberry

Chief Marketing Officer
& Advisory
David brings a wealth
of software industry experience to Traverz. David was previously Chief Marketing Officer at Attraqt, a leading product discovery platform.

Barry Smyth

Prof. University College Dublin
Barry is a renowned expert in artificial intelligence, information discovery and recommender systems. His extensive
experience includes successful start-ups in personalization and search.

Martin Scherr

Partner at Redstone
Martin works with founders and start-ups to accelerate their growth. He brings a deep background in PE & VC as well as entrepreneurship to Traverz.

Sal Matteis

Investor & Entrepreneur
Sal’s background as tech
investor and Private Equity advisor plus his experience from companies such as Yahoo and Seedcamp brings huge insight
to Traverz.

Traverz is changing product discovery for good. Are you ready to take advantage?