Humanising Online Product Search

Increased conversion and loyalty through preference-based guidance

Traverz Conversational Recommendation Technology

  • Plug-and-play Integration
  • Experience the Benefits
  • Filter-based Search: Frustrating, Impersonal and Outdated

    Online product search is stuck in the 1990’s. Consumers experience frustration and information overload. They abandon, fail to buy, and don’t return.

    “No products found with your current filters” – what now?
    When I spot a feature I want, there is never a filter setting for it!
    What on earth do these filter terms mean?
    Why do I have to manually read through hundreds of product descriptions?
    Help, I’m drowning in results! Where do I start?
    Trying out many filter settings is tedious and wastes my time.

    How Traverz changes product search

    Product ranking, driven by the user’s personal preferences

    Intuitive two-way feedback to provide preferences

    A much larger set of product features for users to engage with

    An integrated conversational agent, that provides the user with shopping-assistant like interaction

    Helping consumers discover, and make confident choices

    Traverz supports the consumer right from the start of their journey – from initial awareness and discovery guidance, through to narrowing the search and the final step of making a confident purchase.

    Through clever UX and AI, Traverz Conversational Recommendation does this by recognising that user preferences are fuzzy and developed iteratively through exposure, and opening an agent-based dialogue channel.

    Seamless integration

    Traverz Conversational Recommendation technology is integrated as a plug-in ‘layer’, that adds this cutting-edge product search mechanism to an existing e-commerce or marketplace platform without any disruption to existing processes.

    • Standard APIs ensure synchronisation of the product data and product list.
    • Relevant UI components from the Traverz Component Library are inserted into the platform front-end, to enable customer interactions with preferences and the agent.

    “The technology that Traverz has developed is an important step towards commoditising conversational AI and allowing e-commerce players, big and small, to take personalisation to the next level”

    Prof. Barry Smyth


    Unlock awareness phase

    Traverz facilitates organic product discovery at the awareness stage. Instead of bouncing away, users are more likely to complete their discovery phase and move to search and purchase on the same platform.

    Encourage upsell

    Traverz organically broadens user consideration and encourages upsell. With a clearer understanding of their own needs, users seek more features and consider a wider range of options – often more expensive options.

    Improve conversion

    Traverz significantly outperforms filters in terms of purchase intent. Confident users are more likely to progress to the actions ‘Add to Basket’ (for e-commerce) and ‘Contact Seller’ (for marketplaces).

    Improve loyalty

    The preference-based Traverz experience with in-place feedback and a virtual agent generates confidence and is seen as very productive and memorable. This very significantly increases loyalty and word of mouth.

    Deeper consumer insights

    The Traverz in-place feedback and virtual agent ensure that consumers explicitly communicate their needs and wants. This insight is critical to key business decisions, such as which products to stock and the focus of marketing campaigns.

    Avoid data issues

    Filters require perfect product data, or they break. Traverz’s AI-based feature extraction not only goes beyond the standard product attributes, but also cleans up the original data - ensuring that consumers don’t lose sight of their ideal product.

    Connect with users

    The integrated virtual agent provides a natural communication channel and unlocks the dialogue with the consumer. No longer does the familiar product browsing experience need to be such an arms-length experience.


    NPS Score

    highlighting a clear positive distinction and likelihood to recommend


    More Likely

    to add to basket / contact seller in a platform using Traverz technology


    More Likely

    to return to a platform with Traverz technology


    Bridging the online and in-store experiences

    In e-commerce environments, the personalisation and guidance offered by Traverz are mirroring the in-store experience. Users feel like they are in the presence of a helpful shopping assistant. The Traverz Conversational Recommendation experience helps users break away from the ‘Amazon Default’ and pushes the site to the top of their list of destinations.

    “I think if Appliance Online had [Traverz Preference Sorting] it would be my go-to site first. I would go there first, as opposed to ... Amazon or those comparison sites.


    Alleviating decision paralysis and reducing complexity

    Users are easily overwhelmed due to the size of the product range on marketplaces. Traverz inplace feedback, agent and preferences approach provides users with an accessible, iterative path to organically focus the search process toward relevant items within that vast range and take key KPI actions like ‘Contact Seller’.

    “With the filters, I had to have a general idea what I was looking for. With Traverz, I didn't have to know what I wanted yet - I could have discovered it

    Once exposed to Traverz product search, there is no going back

    Traverz sets a higher benchmark for online product search. Once consumers are exposed to this new standard, there is no going back – after they experience Conversational Recommendation, users materially re-evaluate their views on the standard Filter experience and consider them significantly less preferable.