Product Search.
No Filters. Just Traverz.

‘Search by Traverz’ delivers the ultimate online product search experience.

Traverz replaces frustrating product search filters with an intuitive user feedback system and an interactive virtual agent that really helps you find the products you’re searching for online.


Using Traverz rather than filters means a more productive, personal and fun search experience.


For marketplaces, the result is higher engagement, faster conversions and stronger brand loyalty.

How Traverz Changes Product Search

Filter Systems: Frustrating, Impersonal and Outdated

Trying out many filter settings is tedious and wastes my time.

When I spot a feature I want, there is never a filter setting for it!

What on earth do these filter terms mean?

No products found with your current filters” – what now?

Help, I’m drowning in results! Where do I start?

Traverz Delivers Personalised Search

Traverz replaces old-school ‘filters’ that employ outdated technology with a cool, easy-to-use, interactive, virtual agent that delivers a far more productive, personalised search experience.

  • Personal preferences instead of standardised filters
  • Two-way feedback via disruptively intuitive UI/UX
  • Natural, conversational approach at your own pace
  • Agent provides valuable insights and decision support

Experience ‘Search by Traverz’ across all your favourite platforms

How Integrating Traverz Benefits Marketplaces

Our proprietary technology delivers the ultimate product search experience for online consumers

Traverz elicits explicit feedback and user preferences while offering powerful insights and highly relevant recommendations. Increased user trust results in higher consumer engagement, faster conversions and stronger brand loyalty.

  • Increases conversions over the customer’s lifecycle
  • Improves the consumer journey and builds brand trust
  • Delivers online sellers a real competitive advantage
  • Powerful proprietary tech incorporating AI, ML, NLP
  • Easily integrates into your current marketplace platform
  • Directly replaces product filters, enabling safe A/B testing

‘Search by Traverz’ delivers higher sales for marketplaces