Product discovery
the way it's
meant to be

Deliver 1-to-1 personalisation by enabling customers to communicate their real purchase intent, across all channels.

By engaging customers and giving them control,
they’ll reward you again and again.

Stop guessing. Start knowing!

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Unleash your customer's desires

Traverz delivers a rich, engaging product discovery experience centered around explicit customer preferences

Frictionless interaction mechanisms encourage customers to interact with product attributes, badges and descriptions in a natural way.

This enables true 1-to-1 personalisation based on session-specific intent clarity, gained from zero party data.

The result is really very simple and powerful. When customers are engaged and have confidence, they are finding products they want, and they convert more.

That’s what Traverz delivers.

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Traverz generates confidence and drives
an increased likelihood to purchase

Biglight study confirms:

Consumer engagement is a win-win
ecommerce strategy

A user experience study by Biglight, reveals that Traverz is a game changer by:

  • Embedding relevance and control
  • Closing the confidence gap
  • Encouraging upsell
  • Increasing loyalty and return intent
  • Elevating consumer expectations

User Experience Performance Report

Embedding Relevance and Control

Today, product search is strongly focused on guessing ‘implicit intent’. No wonder that just 53% of consumers expect search to be relevant to them.

Traverz enables and encourages consumers to contribute ‘explicit intent’ to the search process, leading to strongly improved relevance.

“Traverz embeds a sense of control and relevance throughout the search journey”

– Biglight.

Likelihood of adding
items to basket:
6.8out of 7 with Traverz
6.1out of 7 without Traverz

Biglight: Traverz User Experience
Performance Report

Closing the confidence gap

Consumers today simply do not have the confidence that they have the right products in the basket. The result? 69% of consumers abandon their baskets (84% for mobile).

Traverz technology satisfies the consumer desire to be helped, and enables their product selection confidence to return.

“Users perceive Traverz to ‘mirror’ their often fuzzy thought processes”.

– Biglight.

“Traverz gives you a confidence boost because it pulls up all the important things about the product, and it also tells you if it’s not got something you want, and also tells you if it's unsure.”
- Elliot

Biglight: Traverz User Experience
Performance Report

Encouraging upsell

Classic product discovery mechanisms force consumers to focus on “good enough” and lowest price.

Traverz preference-based discovery instead broadens user considerations and encourages upsell.

“Traverz throws up things that you might not have thought of, that may not have been on your list…but you think actually “that would be quite useful”, or “that would be quite nice”

– Suzanne

“The association of expanded features to increased price enables effective upselling“

Biglight: Traverz User Experience
Performance Report

Increasing loyalty and return intent

Capturing basket opportunities is crucial to winning in eCommerce.

Retailers benefit with Traverz through deeper engagement with their consumers, building strong intent to return.

“I would put this site at the top of my list to come back to. I was easily able to filter out the results and choose my preferences which shows this site cares about the customer being able to have a good shopping experience online.”

– Sidra

Intention to return:
6.5out of 7 with Traverz
4.9out of 7 without Traverz

Biglight: Traverz User Experience
Performance Report

Elevating consumer expectations

BigLight was unequivocal in its highlighting of the impact of Traverz on satisfaction for consumers.

“I don’t see myself purchasing from a site with just those filters, now that I’ve seen the Traverz approach”

– Risheet

Simply, once used, there is no going back to traditional product search.

A new experience benchmark:
Filters before Traverz
6.5out of 7
Filters after Traverz
4.9out of 7
(for the same experience!)

Biglight: Traverz User Experience
Performance Report

BigLight: Traverz is a must-have addition for eCommerce retailers

The Biglight study into the power of Traverz Conversational Commerce technology is unequivocal in its outcomes.

Travez increases all the major objectives that a retailer is looking to impact – from confidence from relevance, to impact on add to basket, to likelihood to return to site.

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83with Traverz
33without Traverz

You do the math

Biglight: Traverz User Experience
Performance Report

Extend your webshop to Whatsapp & co

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Multichannel interaction with customers during their product discovery journey

Product discovery often takes multiple sessions, on multiple devices. Traverz provides the missing piece of the conversational commerce puzzle by bringing genuine product discovery to messenger channels.

Seamless platform switching between webshop and messenger channels, at will. And tackling browse and cart abandonment through consumer-friendly journey recovery, initiated by the merchant.

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Avoid ‘creepy’ personalisation

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The secret to privacy enhanced personalisation is consumer engagement

Through its unique interaction and feedback mechanisms, Traverz collects zero-party data. This is purchase intent data that customers are intentionally and proactively sharing.

From a privacy perspective, there are many reasons for embracing such journey-specific intent data – strategic, regulation, societal trends, etc.

But most importantly, such zero-party data is simply a vastly more powerful foundation for true 1-to-1 personalisation than using harvested/acquired data.

Stop guessing – start knowing!

Creating deeper connections reduces churn

Traverz Testimonial

  Traverz made me feel at ease … it got me excited because every time I added a new preference I knew that even better results were going to show. 

Conversational Commerce gets real

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The future of truly personalised search and browse is here

CONVERSIONS: Less abandoned journeys and baskets

SATISFACTION: Better matches, fewer returns

MOBILE FIRST: Seamless integration with WhatsApp + webshop

LOYALTY: More return visits, word of mouth recommendation

Traverz is changing product discovery for good. Are you ready to take advantage?