Product discovery
the way it was
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Deliver 1:1 personalisation by enabling consumers to communicate their real purchase intent - across all channels.

By engaging consumers and giving them control,                     they’ll reward you again and again.

Stop guessing. Start knowing!

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Supercharging Relevance
through Two-way Personalisation

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Traverz captures explicit intent through a rich, engaging consumer experience

Online behaviour analysis and segmentation assignment provide a limited view of consumer needs. Personalisation algorithms are much more powerful when explicit intent is added to the mix, given directly by the consumer.

Search and Browse has never been so engaging, so confidence giving, so effective at reducing churn. Traverz brings fresh impetus and next generation technology to transform product discovery.

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Generating confidence and driving
an increased likelihood to purchase

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  Traverz is much more intuitive. Because it’s intuitive, it gives you confidence that it is going to show you products that you really want, or that are relevant to you. 

Future-Proof Privacy with Zero-Party Data

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Consumer engagement - the secret to privacy enhanced personalisation

There are many reasons for embracing explicit journey-specific (zero-party) intent data – strategic, regulation, societal trends, etc.

But most importantly, such insights are simply a more powerful foundation for personalisation than using harvested/acquired data.

This is a win-win for consumers and platforms when it comes to privacy proofing the search experience.

Joining The Technology Dots

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Traverz technology augments and enhances existing ecommerce platform capabilities

Search platforms have invested heavily into deriving implicit intent from consumer behaviours. Traverz augments this with explicit intent, making a truly personalised consumer journey available.

Being built on MACH technology (Microservices, API, Cloud, Headless) means Traverz is simple and fast to integrate, enabling platforms and consumers to quickly realise the benefits of an improved search and browse experience.

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Conversational Commerce Gets Real

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The future of personalised search and browse is here

Traverz delivers a step change in conversational recommendation. It offers a seamless, interactive product discovery experience embedded into the existing search and browse journey.

The technology enables two-way communication of explicit intent, ensuring that consumers achieve their shopping mission more easily, faster and with greater confidence.

Traverz is changing product discovery for good. Are you ready to take advantage?